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Giving Back

The CAGE Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the disadvantaged students of the Irving Independent School District. This foundation was established in October of 2009 by the previous owner of CAGE Inc., Carl Clause, and its employees.

Mr. Clause was raised in Chicago by hard-working parents who knew the struggle of raising kids on a shoestring budget but constantly reminding him that success in school, along with hard work and dedication, will eventually pay off. Carl began his career as a carpenter and moved on to the baggage handling industry where he quickly rose up in the ranks because of the values instilled in him as a child. In August of 1997, Carl and a fellow co-worker, Gene DiFonso established CAGE, Inc., a successful engineering/consulting firm in the airline/baggage handling industry. In July of 2018, Carl sold CAGE and we became division of Ross & Baruzzini. Now, we have even more room to grow and a great opportunity to spread the word about who CAGE Cares is and what we do.

CAGE Cares is an employee driven charity and is funded mainly by the CAGE employees as well as outside individual contributors. All money raised goes straight to the foundation and is used to support these disadvantaged students. To get a better idea of how we give back, read the following testimony from the Principal of Keyes Elementary School:

“At Keyes, our students are continuously learning, growing, and achieving every single day. Currently, 89% of our students come from economically disadvantaged homes, 67% are English language learners, and 87% of our students are identified as “at risk”. Despite the struggles some of our students face, they come to school every day ready to learn. With amazing partners in education like CAGE Cares, our students can overcome these struggles.

Throughout this partnership, Keyes Elementary has received over 50 document cameras and 200 iPads, for all classrooms, so that students can engage in digital learning. They’ve also provided funding for student field trips to the Austin Capitol, San Antonio Alamo, and local museums. New uniforms have been provided each year to those students in need and book drives have taken place to help build the love for reading. Our teachers have also benefited by receiving incentives like concert tickets and basketball & hockey tickets. In addition, CAGE Cares employees attend Keyes yearly to volunteer for Junior Achievement, a program that entails work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.”

- Blanca De La Sierra, Principal, Keyes Elementary -

Volunteering with CAGE Cares bring me so much joy. teachers, and other staff at Keyes, I get to hang out with some of the coolest and smartest kids in town. Seeing their joy, and passion for learning, is one of the best feelings and is the biggest reward for being a part of CAGE Cares.

We’d like to grow CAGE Cares so we can continue to support Keyes Elementary and maybe take on another school or two.

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