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CAGE Cares is a Section 501(c)(3), non-profit philanthropic organization that is an outgrowth of charitable efforts made by CAGE Inc. of Irving, Texas and its founder and chairman, Carl Clause. As Carl and CAGE employees became more involved in charitable activities it became apparent that an incorporated foundation was required to more efficiently address the growing needs associated with causes adopted by CAGE. The CAGE Cares Foundation is a testament to the conviction that successful companies and their employees are not only obligated to reach out to those in need within their communities, but that these efforts and generosity offer far more in return. The joy and deeply-felt emotion of making a difference in somebody's life (however small the contribution) is a reward that far eclipses the original gift. CAGE Cares intends to use this site as a way of informing potential donors of activities the Foundation is currently engaged in and of opportunities to join those endeavors.

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